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Power over Link™

Power over Link™ (PoL™) technology allows data and power transmission over existing RJ11 telephone wires
or coaxial cables. Like Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, remote devices can be powered up by electricity
in the transmission line without additional power adaptor. The remote device can also provides IEEE802.3af/
at PoE/PSE power up the end device. PoL technology facilitates IP camera installation. In the PoE/PD IP camera
application, overall distance can reach 1000 meters and power plug position will not limit IP camera installation

The benefits of using EtherWAN's Ethernet Extenders allow the addition of long-distance Ethernet connectivity
to existing infrastructures without needing to install new cables;
a. They minimize effort and cost, as there is no need to replace any existing cables.
b. They work over longer distances- up to 1.9km (6,232ft) over copper wire or 2.6km (8,530ft) over

   coaxial cable.
c. They have a hardened design for critical environments – models are rated for either-20°C to 60°C or

   -40°C to 75°C.
d. They have Plug & Play capabilities. Simply connect a unit to one end of the wire and set the DIP switch

   to “local”, then connect another unit to the other end of the wire and set it to “remote”. When power
   is applied, all devices will be synchronized in just a few seconds to create an Ethernet link.
e. PoL™ technology provides data and power transmission over one existing cable to reduce infrastructure
   construction cost.

                            IP Camera           ED3238R                                                            ED3238T

                                                          Coaxial Cable                                                     Control
                                                              Up to 180 m                                                   Center

                                                                with power and data transmission

                IP Camera              ED3538R                                                                     ED3538T
IP Camera
                                                          Copper Wires
                                                Up to 1.2 km

                                                Up to 2.2 km with data transmission

                            ED3638R                                                                       ED3638T

                                                Copper Wires
                                                 Up to1.8 km with power and data transmission
                                                 Up to 2.2 km with data transmission

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